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Assumptions: I assume you have some idea about oth AWS Lambda , Python programming and Telegram to proceed further.

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I was motivated to use AWS Lambda given the simplicity of deploying the code and being able…


This article is part of my CloudForDummies series . If you are interested in other topics that I have covered on Cloud , please check out my other articles .

As part of this article , we will explore the various storage classes and also do a quick hands-on training on how to migrate objects between different classes using life-cycle policies.

I assume that you have some basic idea of what S3 is . If you don’t have I suggest you follow the article below which gives a brief overview of what S3 is

Nevertheless , a quick recap on…

CI/CD is often an underrated concept and most of the times we don’t appreciate the immense value that it brings to your product.

The motivation for this article comes from my experience developing , maintaining and migrating a fully server-less workflow infrastructure for a large enterprise project.

Whether you have a large enterprise project having more than 30 + Function Apps and 150 + functions or a small one it is extremely important that you have a manageable workflow to maintain your code and keep your function apps updated at all times.

Thankfully , Azure provides a simple way to…

Azure API Management Service

Azure API Management Service is a PAAS ( Platform -as-a- Service offering ) from Azure that provides scalable , secure API Management service for your organization.

This is a dummies tutorial on how to configure your Azure API Management service to secure your APIs developed and hosted in Azure Functions.

At this point I assume that you have some idea of what are Azure Functions and in particular http — trigger functions . If you are not sure, I recommend you to follow the article below.

Initiation for the un-initiated:

What is an API ?

Simply , Application Programming Interface…

And if you are aspiring to a Azure Certified professional, its worth going through this article.

  1. There’s a TCO Calculator.

Nope . Not the pricing calculator . The TCO Calculator. Whats the difference ?

Pricing Calculator:

Allows you to estimate the pricing of commisioning and running a resource on cloud .

TCO Calculator:

Provides you an estimated cost of ownership of your hardware. Assuming that you want to migrate your workload to Cloud and wanted to know the estimated you can use this .

It provides a detailed breakdown by various heads including one on “Electricity” savings . Those of…

This is part of my Dummies Series on AWS .


Hope you followed my part 1 of this 2-part series on SQS. If you have not already , I recommend you take a look at it here.If you already have an idea about Messaging Queues and want to get hands on with SQS on AWS , let’s get going.

By the end of this article , you should have a good understanding on

  1. How to implement a standard Queue on SQS along with Dead-Letter-Queue
  2. Understand how to publish a message from console , SNS (another AWS Service ) to SQS…

This is part of my Dummies Series on AWS .

By the end of this 2-part article you should have a good understanding on

  1. Messaging Queues
  2. De-coupled System Architecture
  3. Type of Queues
  4. Publisher-Subscriber Model
  5. Dead-Letter Queues

What is SQS ?

SQS [ Simple Queue Service ] is a message queing service provided by AWS.

What kind of messages ?

Any message that can be produced by a system can be stored . Ofcourse you’ll have to follow guidelines on the structure and size of the message

Typically a json structure is used to store the message , its attributes and metadata . …

SNS Flow from AWS Docs

This article is part of Cloud for Dummies series . I tend to explain things in layman terms and not If you are interested in other topics that I have covered on Cloud , please check out my other articles .Before we proceed further I assume the following .

i. You have some idea of AWS and

ii. have a AWS account to conduct the tutorial if you wish to

As part of this article , we will get an understanding on the following topics.

a. What is SNS ?

b. What is a Pub-Sub model ?

c. What is…

EC2 and S3 companionship

This is my third article of my series on Cloud for Dummies. You can find my other articles on this series here.

If you already understand a bit of S3 and EC2 then feel free to proceed . And if you don’t it’s a good idea to read the articles above to get a hang of both the services and proceed further.

Our Goal for this article:

We are going to configure an IAM role (Identity and Access Management ) for the EC2 instance to be able to access S3 buckets so that we can quickly lift and shift data…

This is a quick tutorial and more of an additional information for my Cloud For Dummies article on EC2 .

Assuming that you have followed the article above and successfully created a web server with EC2 , let’s see how you can access the webserver via SSH to do better things.

While AWS Console is a powerful tool , there is still a lot of things that you cannot achieve with the console itself .

It’s a pain to put it straight .

Some situations that really need for a remote connection

  1. Imagine you have to tweak a file that’s…

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